Best Country


Incredible India! That’s the slogan you often hear as a tourist in India. One that seems so clique yet you come to see there really is no other way of describing this country.

India is a land of mystery and excitement and whether you love or hate it, you cannot escape its complexity. It keeps you on your toes by constantly awakening your senses. You are forced to give up complete control over your life and succumb to where the country takes you and what it has to teach you about yourself.  Once you manage to let go, you suddenly begin to come face to face with an array of magical, unexpected things: Joining a wedding procession with a crowd of 1000 people chanting prayers and enacting Hindu folklore; Being invited for a cup of chai in a local home in a village; Frequently stopping in the middle of the road to allow elephants, monkeys, camels and cows to cross;  Walking into a tiny shop on the side of the street and finding 100 year old antique exquisite saris lying in a pile in the corner


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